• Banana Shatter

    Banana shatter is an extremely potent extraction of THC from flowers that has a high concentration of THC. BHO (Butane Hash Oil) is created under rigorous conditions to create a clean byproduct through a process called Solvent Extraction. By mixing the flowers with a solvent (the most common being Butane) it is then extracted by filtering and evaporating the solvent, a sticky resinous liquid with terpenes and a strong herbal odor remains. The BHO is then created by purging the sticky resinous residue that removes the solvent leaving a pure oil which often is stable under stable temperatures called shatter itself. The BHO contains a very high amount of THC as the plant matter is completely extracted from the flowers itself and only the “high” THC part of the plant is left. It is recommended to smoke shatter through a quartz nail to ensure you get the best taste of our selection of shatters from local reputable producers.
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    Banana Shatter

  • BHO Shatter

    BHO Shatter

  • GSC shatter

    GSC has a sweet, Pungent or Earthy flavours, Furhtermore, it can causes you to be happy, uplifted, euphoric and relaxed. Furthermore, it is also used for medical purposes to reduce Pain, Insomnia, stress, Lack of appetite, Depression and some others.

    GSC shatter

  • Rosebud Shatter

    Rockbud rids the mind and body of stress and physical symptoms, but may also take with it your energy and attention. For this reason, Rockbud is recommended as an end-of-the day indulgence.
    Shatters with higher levels of THC are more ideal for those who are seeking a more intense high effect in their marijuana product. Because of its concentrated, more potent form, Shatter is often looked at as more effective in its ability to reduce pain and treat medical conditions when compared to the traditional, bud form of marijuana. Order shatter online

    Rosebud Shatter


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